Voi Siete Qui

Voi Siete Qui – You Are Here

Introduction: Voi Siete Qui and The Grand Tour Redux

The aim of this project is to reexamine the concept of the Grand Tour in a contemporary and personal way. I am a 22-year-old Latin American woman who in no way fits the traditional description of a Grand Tour participant, this gives me the opportunity to explore traditional concepts and ideas through a unique lens. In a way, this project allows us to use tradition and history as a stepping stone for our own personal reflection and development.

The title of this project is Voi Siete Qui, or You Are Here. I chose this title because this phrase, which kept popping up every time I looked at a map, serves as a reminder to take a second and appreciate where I am and what I am doing. Knowing where we are mentally and physically allows us to see ourselves in a bigger context, and, in a way, that is what I am attempting to do with this project. As I explored Italy I not only wanted to understand the places and their history, but I also wanted to immerse myself in them and to see where I would fit in within their context—just like that dot on the map that tells you where you are when you are lost.

A Brief Explanation:


Inside the Colosseum

In order to give structure to the project, I decided to look at each location we visited through a different lens. I chose each of these themes as I explored each city and used them a guidelines for my reflections and research.

These are all topics in which I’m interested in, and although they may not have been traditionally studied in the Grand Tour, I feel that they were essential to my individual experience as I traveled and learned in Italy.

Each section of this website will focus on a different city and will serve as a space for reflection, some are in the form of poetry and others in short reflections on the subject.


Cinque Terre


View of Siena

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